A perfect Pimm’s Cup

August 11, 2012

OneHungryMama Pimm's Cup

Four kids. All of them friends from the beginning. The very beginning.

A big country lawn in a not-city dwelling. Room to run. Really run. Even inside.

hungry baby runs

A pink motorized car that’s just their size. Seriously. Look:

driving the jeep

Beautiful, glorious, summer mayhem. (Them, not us.)

Why not start drinking? (Us, not them.)

Now, let’s get real for a moment. There’s drinking and there’s drinking. Tequila shots followed by rounding up children for bath time sounds like the fifth circle of hell. But a few sips of a civilized Pimm’s Cup? I can get down with that. At 4:30 pm.

OneHungryMama Pimm's Cup

What time is it? What are you drinking this evening afternoon?

Get started and enjoy the last days of summer while there are plenty left.

Oh, and this one’s just for the grownups, okay?


NPR has a great basic Pimm’s Cup with notes on how to riff. We made ours with freshly squeezed oranges, lemons, and—gasp—7UP.

(I unsuccessfully tried hiding the green bottle from the Hungry Boy in our supermarket cart. He nearly fell over when he saw it. “Ewwwweeee! What IS that? Who put that there? It’s like poison.” Whoa. I, uh, guess I’m doing a good job?!)

The NY Times also did a piece on the Pimm’s Cup. Check it out if you want a schmancy Pimm’s Cup with muddled cucumber or watermelon.

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