Two Easy Ways to Spice Up Your Huevos

May 3, 2012


These are not so much recipes as they are a reminder of how easy it is to mix up your breakfast—or lunch or dinner—routine without getting all fancy and shizz.

I need reminders sometimes.

Both of these egg dishes are a cinch. And, really, I wasn’t just paying lip service—they both make a great meal anytime of day.

The huevos on tortillas pictured above are not much more than fried eggs but, somehow, fried eggs seem more exciting when layered on a warm corn tortilla and topped with salsa, cilantro and crumbly cheese. If you happen to have beans in the fridge, all the better: hide them between the tortilla and egg for a protein surprise.

My breakfast quesadillas… oh, my breakfast quesadillas…

Breakfast Quesadilla

well, they are nothing more than scrambled eggs tucked in between two corn tortillas along with cheese. Any cheese, really. You can get more specific instructions and read about my favorite accompaniments over at Momtastic.

And there’s not much more to it than that. I can tell you to be sure to add fresh herbs like cilantro and scallion (their bright flavor elevates even the most humble dish). I can suggest authentic cotija cheese over gooey jack (feta is a great cotija substitute). I can implore you to use homemade salsa (even the quickest, most thrown together pico de gallo will be better than the jarred stuff). But, at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter that much.

Use what you have on hand. Keep it all-natural and remember that the better the ingredients the better the flavor. Then mix it up. You’ll be surprised at what a big difference you can make with small changes in the way you serve your huevos.

Oh, and—bonus—now you’ve got great breakfast ideas for cinco de mayo!

*Note: Eggs are considered a high allergen food but, according to the latest AAP guidelines, there is no benefit to holding off on high allergen foods beyond 6 months old. If you’re taking a more conservative approach to food introductions, you may consider holding off on egg whites until 12+ months (you can still scramble the yolks, though). Quesadillas, especially ones filled with soft scrambled eggs, make a great early finger food starting at around 10+ mos.

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