{kitchen aids} A Cake Pop How-To for All, No Kitchen Experience Required

March 10, 2012

CMP Cake Pop 101

It’s safe to say that cake pops have taken over the world. They’re everywhere! But when they look like this:

Lorax cake pops by Bakerella

or this:

Easter cake pops by Bakerella

(both by original cake pop master, Bakerella)

you might think that cake popping isn’t for you.

This Cake Pop 101 gives you reason to think again.

Hop on over to Cool Mom Picks to get my easy how-to. That’s right, friends, it’s the democratization of cake pops. We can all make them. I’m not saying’ yours will look like Bakerella’s, of course, but simple is good, too, and it’s easy to make simple cake pops. Really and truly.

Cake Pop 101 recipe: an easy how-to for even the baking averse

3 Responses

  1. Mom101 says:

    Thank you for making the world safer for wannabe cake pop bakers!

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  3. Oh my~ These cake pops are so adorable!! Can’t wait to try them all. Thank you for sharing!

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