{recipe} Egg, Cornichon and Dill Sandwich

February 16, 2012

egg cornichon sandwich

Oh, lunchtime.

I know. It can be such a pain in the butt. First off, by 8 a.m., most of us have already put at least one lunch together and it isn’t even our own. Then we finally get in the swing of our day and we’re supposed, huh? Stop. Eat?! When there are only precious few hours before pick up?!?!?! I know you feel this way whether you’re picking up after school or after after-school. Somehow, regardless of our life choices, we all seem to be in the same battle against time and the middle of the day—lunch time—is crunch time.

There’s more, at least for me. As a work from home mom, I’m also an eat at home mom. No cheerful, mix-your-own salad joints pour moi. If I want a salad with 8 perfectly matched ingredients and any dressing I fancy at. that. very. moment. I gotta make it myself. I rarely have leftovers and, when I do, it’s because I want to take photos for a post. The natural light in my house is good around, oh, 1-3 p.m. and, frankly, I’m hungry for lunch at noon 11:45 a.m. (What?! I wake up early!)

I’m too often tempted to skip lunch, but I don’t. (Don’t do it either—you need sustenance, especially when you’re slammed!) So I scrounge.

Here’s the thing, though: I’m a damn good scrounger. Not always—sometimes the going gets rough—but most times, the going is pretty good. And it doesn’t take that much, so you can be a good scrounger, too.

A good hunk of cheese and hummus with veggies and pita chips.

A heel of good bread smeared with homemade ricotta alongside some cured meat.

And this, my new favorite sandwich: toasted slices of crusty bread layered with dijon, cornichon and sliced hard boiled egg. Sometimes I add fresh dill. Other times capers. If you’re an anchovy person, one or two would go nicely, as well.

egg cornichon sandwich

It’s a deeply satisfying sandwich, with the rustic elegance of the French countryside. Ooh la la. It’s also a sandwich that your little one will love. Put the glam factor aside—only in name, of course—and, voila, an eggy and pickle sandwich.

There’s really no recipe here. Just decisions like: one egg or two (how hungry are you?), thick or thinly sliced bread (do you want more bread or more egg?), fewer or more cornichon (is this really a question?). Oh, and you can check out this technique for how to make perfect hard boiled eggs.

Then sit back and enjoy. Really. Stop and take a minute. You deserve it and fortified by good food, you will get everything done. Or at least everything that really matters.

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