{recipe} All-Natural Pink Milk For Your Little Sweetie

February 11, 2012

Pink Milk

Pink milk (overloaded with sugar, fillers and artificial color) at school (where it is an option everyday) = bad news.

Pink milk (homemade with three all-natural ingredients) at home (where it is a special treat) = good news.

Really good news. And the perfect hue for a Valentine’s Day surprise.

It turns out that making pink milk—strawberry milk—is ridiculously easy. Start by making a strawberry simple syrup with fresh or frozen berries, sugar and water:

Add sugar to berries

Then adding the syrup (look at it—yum!) to a tall, cold glass of milk.

Strawberry Syrup

Check out the deets on making your own all-natural pink milk (can be shared with kids 18+ mos)* at Momtastic. Then whip some up for the 14ht. This will make a sweet surprise in kiddo’s lunchbox or as an afternoon snack on Valentine’s Day!

All-Natural Pink Milk

*Note: Children under 12-months-old do not need to drink much in addition to breast milk and/or formula except for small amounts of water at mealtime. A full portion of cow’s milk should be served after 12 months. Consider holding off on sweet, sugary milk drinks until your child is older and can appreciate having a treat (a pink one, at that!).

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