{recipe} Cookies for Santa: Spiced Cider Meltaways

December 22, 2011

Spiced Cider Meltaways

A while back there was a delicious sounding apple cider cookie that was going around. I was going through a caramel phase (remember that time I doused pumpkin bread in caramel? Yea, around then.) and the cookie—also stuffed with caramel—caught my eye. Then I noticed that it was made with powdered apple cider. Though I’m sure the cookie is delicious, I wanted to develop a cider-flavored cookie using good, old fashioned apple cider right out of the jug.

Easier said than done.

Though I’ve developed some seriously legit baking skills, I’m a relative novice at developing recipes for baked goods. I’ve got the basics down, but am just learning how to successfully experiment with out-of-the-ordinary flavors and to-die-for textures. And, as it turns out, adding liquid to baked goods for flavor is way tricker than it sounds.

I tried making chewy cookies… that turned out cakey.

And making cakey cookies… that turned out hard.

I tried using fresh cider… a little and a lot.

I cooked the cider… maybe a syrupy concentrate would work.

Nothing was right… until these Spiced Cider Meltaways.

The best part? The recipe is barely adapted from Martha Stewart. Not even my own!

That’s okay, though. I learned through the process and, in the end, have an insanely good cookie (perfect for Santa!) made with nothing but whole ingredients.

Spiced like a hot mug of cider, covered in snowy powdered sugar—don’t miss these!

Spiced Cider Meltaways (can be shared with kids 12+ mos)*

*Note: Though there is nothing in these cookies that cannot be shared with younger children, I recommend these starting at 12 months due to the high sugar content. No matter with whom you share these, be sure to serve little ones age appropriate portions. These cookies are small, but a little goes a long way!

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