{holidays} My Favorite Hanukkah Recipes & Making Donuts with Kids!

December 20, 2011


Happy Hanukkah to all who celebrate!

Tonight is the first night of the Festival of Lights and I may have forgotten had it not been for the fact that I heard the Hungry Boys singing, “Hanukkah! Today is Hanukkah!” at the top of their lungs at 6:45 a.m.

Good thing those boys aren’t too busy to forget such things like their mama!

I’ve just put the Hungry Baby down for a nap and am about to wrap two little somethings (not clothes in any form, as I’ve been told that clothes are most definitely not acceptable gifts). I’m also going to defrost the brisket that’s been in my freezer from this summer’s meat CSA and make a shopping list for everything I need to make:

* these adorable marshmallow dreidels
* my favorite brisket
* and, the best part of Hanukkah (in my humble, donut-obsessed opinion), Hanukkah Sufganiyot, which are basically jelly donuts!

The marshmallow dreidels are a fun activity to do with little ones, but don’t be afraid to pull them into some of your cooking, too. Maybe they can use their hands to combine the shredded potato, onions, egg and flour for your latkes. Or how about getting them involved in making the sufganiyot?! Don’t be intimated! They can easily:

* Mix the water and yeast and watch it foam. It’s like a science experiment!
* Combine flour, sugar and salt.
* Separate and mix in the egg. This may require a few extra eggs, but what a great opportunity to practice these critical kitchen skills!
* Stir and knead. Don’t think I need to explain this one. It’s PERFECT for kids of all ages!

If you’re bringing a really little one in the kitchen, you can always give them a small piece of dough—that you won’t use—to knead, throw on the floor, spit in, et cetera. They’ll think it’s great.

No matter what you do—or eat!—enjoy and have a happy, healthy holiday.


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