{recipe} Quick ‘n Healthy Roundup: Homemade Pizza

September 19, 2011


The kids have been back to school for one, two, maybe even three weeks. You in the swing of things yet?


Yea, me either. Which is why I’m working on a mini-series of Quick ‘n Healthy Roundups. During super busy and transitional times like back-to-school and the upcoming winter holidays, I especially rely on quick go-to recipes that I know everyone in the family likes. This series is about sharing those recipes by category so that you can rely on—and easily find them—too. Because without these recipes, I’d surely fall back on take out and eggs.

Oh, wait. Eggs are great. In fact, look for Quick ‘n Healthy: Dinner Eggs coming soon.

Either way, you get the point.

The first in my series is on homemade pizza. I wanted to start there because I know that it’s the easiest thing to order in. I get it: you dial a number, get some bread, sauce and cheese delivered to your door, and the kids are happy. But what if I were to tell you that a little pantry prep (and/or a short trip to your local pizzeria) makes homemade pizza—infinitely more delicious and as healthy as you choose to make it—just as easy?

Don’t believe me? Hop over to Momtastic to check out how to make homemade pizza one of the best tricks in your bag. There you’ll also find my favorite homemade pizza dough (easy to make ahead and freeze), homemade sauce (also easy to make ahead and freeze) and my best homemade pies including:

* Pizza with a “Fried” Egg

Pizza with "Fried" Egg

* Pizza Muffins

OneHungryMama Pizza Muffins

* Fig & Prosciutto Pizza

* White Pizza with Asparagus
White Pizza with Asparagus

Unless your pizza delivery person is ridonculously cute, skip the dial-in. Instead, take 30-40 minutes, tops (mostly unattended), and serve a healthy homemade pie.

What are you favorite homemade pizza recipes?! Share ideas, recipes and links here so that we all have everything we need in one spot!

BONUS! If kiddo loves pizza as much as mine do, why not throw a pizza themed birthday party! Ours was a blast.
Isaac's Pizzeria

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  1. Kirsten says:

    Our monthly family favorite is smoked oyster, olive and sharp cheddar pizza. Not for everyone but we love it.

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