July 10th, 2011

{food & learning} DIY Lemonade Stand Kit

Lemonade Stand Printables
What better way to connect food and learning—and pass a hot summer day—than by setting up a lemonade stand?

Planning, creating, writing, counting, communicating and connecting with the good folks in your community: setting up a lemonade stand engages children in a rich educational experience. And, most importantly, is just plain fun.

You don’t need much to get a stand up and running. Lemons, water and sugar—strawberries, too, if you want to offer a pink version. Some chairs, paper and markers. If you want to craft it up a notch, you can also print up these ridiculously sweet (and free!) lemonade stand printables from one of my favorite party sites, One Charming Party (the same brilliant folks behind our favorite ice cream cone party hat).

The pretty DIY set includes a “Fresh Lemonade” sign for kiddo to color, a sweets and treats sign, cookie labels (great for any party) and a set of lemonade stand rules, all color coordinated of course!

Print, make, bake and have fun. If I can, I’ll swing by with 25¢. Or is it more these days?!

Thanks to Cool Mom Picks for the lead… and reminding me how much I love One Charming Party!

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