{parenting} Who’s in Control of Your Kitchen?

June 2, 2011

Ms Mary Mack and OHM keep dinner fresh

Another month, another great food parenting conversation with my friend Ms. Mary Mack. The last time we chatted I reminded MMM that there are times when we should not feed our kids (read on before you get all in a huff!). This month MMM asked about how to mix things up at mealtime without creating a ruckus. Is it possible to serve up a variety of foods without enduring a fit or (worse?) a strike from the wee little—and, yes, completely adorable—tyrants that are our children?

Why, yes, it is. So long as you put the tyrants in their place. Because you rule your kitchen. Right?

Right! (Say it with me now: I rule my kitchen!)

This isn’t about ignoring our children’s tastes, desires or phases. They are part of the family, too, and it’s important to hear them out, but that doesn’t meant catering to their whims. Keeping dinner fresh for everyone requires that you remain in control of your kitchen, but that also doesn’t mean that you become a tyrant. I suggest more of a benevolent dictatorship.

Want to know more about what I mean? Hop on over to Ms. Mary Mack where we work it all out.

photo courtesy of Ms. Mary Mack

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  1. I could not agree more….you are the voice of reason. Glad I stumbled across your website – will be checking in more often.

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