{kitchen aids} How to Keep Guacamole Green & Other Guac Tips

May 5, 2011

tips for best guacamole

This year, I come to Cinco de Mayo bearing the best kitchen tip ever: how to keep your guacamole green.

The secret, which came to me via a dear friend whose brother is a chef, is something easy to do that only takes 2 seconds. And it’s not about citrus. In fact, it has nothing to do with any edible ingredient. Is your interest piqued? It should be! Because it’ll not only save your party from brown dip (ewwwe), but it’ll also become a conversation piece that ends up being the best party gift ever!

Hop on over to Momtastic on this fine Cinco de Mayo to learn the secret to keeping your guacamole green all through your prep and party, and other tips for making world class guacamole.


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  1. carrie says:

    That’s a great tip. I love guacamole, but its hard to keep it longer than a day. I know its still good to eat, but brown guac looks pretty gross and i just end up throwing it away 😉

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