{celebrate} Earth Day Activities: B Kind 2 Earth Day!

April 22, 2011

B Kind 2 Earth Day

I rarely post about anything other than food and feeding, but today is a little different. Today is Earth Day and, thanks to an amazing initiative by the National Wildlife Federation, Nickelodeon and The Motherhood, it’s also B Kind 2 Earth Day!

Everyday, I challenge myself to be a better, more eco-conscious citizen. Most times I rise to the challenge. Sometimes I fail. Though I don’t claim to be an ideal model of “green” living, I have the deepest respect for the connection between our environment and our natural food sources. They are as closely related as you are to your child. So, if you think you can be a food lover and not care about recycling (for example), think again.

It’s plain and simple: without a healthy planet, we will not have healthy food. And without healthy food, we cannot have healthy children.

That’s why, even though the B Kind 2 Earth Day initiative isn’t exactly about food, I’m happy to tell you about it and encourage you to spread the word. It’s simple, biz:

* Like the B Kind 2 Earth Day Facebook page.
* While there, share a promise of something you and the kiddos will do today to be kind to the Earth. Or, if you’ve already done something, tell your story!
* You can also…

…share photos, write a blog post and share the link, or find another — any other! — way to join in the Earth Day fun!

Together, we can build momentum, make a ruckus, celebrate as an online community as well as with our offline friends. We can inspire each other — eco-heros, regular folks trying to do better, food lovers, cooks, people who like to be outside — to be kind to the Earth.

Happy Earth Day. Go out and celebrate. Share what you did. Then eat something delicious, fresh and from the Earth.


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