{kitchen aids} Setting a Table

March 23, 2011

Table Setting

I’m not one for formalities. And these days, I tend to employ young children — my own and my those belonging to my guests — to set my dinner party table. (What?! I get parental permission!) But, though it will be a while before I need to remember how to formally set a table, I feel that I should know how to do it. And you, miss hostess (or mister host), should, too.


I’m not quite sure. But I am convinced. And with an quick and easy reference like this one, why not?

Thanks, Tasty Design, for the lead!

10 Responses

  1. DailyChef says:

    This is handy! Haha. I never knew there were so many utensils.

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  3. Lba says:

    I think it’s more helpful to think “outside in”…for instance most salads are not served last or after the entree so the setting needs to be adjusted accordingly. This also helps when you are a guest and you’re not sure what fork you’re supposed to use–remember you work from the outside in.

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