February 17th, 2011

{parenting/recipe} What I Learned From Making Turkey Meatballs With My Sitter

Turkey Meatballs

I just announced that I’ll be a regular contributor to Momtastic and, just like that, here’s my latest there: Quick and Easy Tender Turkey Meatballs (can be shared with kids 6+ mos)*.

This is not just any recipe. It’s my sitter’s recipe. That makes it sound super special, right? It is, but not because it’s a family heirloom or made with some super special ingredient. To the contrary, this recipe is one that I’d never (ever) come up with on my own. But it’s special nonetheless, because while making these Turkey Meatballs alongside my sitter, I learned something profound about food and feeding.

Profound schmfound. I’m so silly (code for: sappy and over analytical). You also need to know that these are my boys’ FAVORITE dinner. Hands down.

So even if you aren’t silly like me, you’ll still want to hop on over to Momtastic for the recipe which takes 5 minutes to prep and 12 to cook. Sold?

Quick and Easy Tender Turkey Meatballs

*Note: Because these aren’t fried first, these meatballs are incredibly tender and will mash or puree easily for beginner eaters They’re also a great first (and last!) finger food.

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