{kitchen aids} My Christmas Menu and Cooking Schedule

December 18, 2010

christmas menu

It’s late. And I’m tired. But I will sleep well tonight because I’ve (finally!) finalized my Christmas menu and cooking schedule.


I’m too pooped to wax poetic, but I’ve got to work and do a shit load of cooking this week… all with no child care. So I’ve got to share now. Now or never.

Keep in mind that this is ambitious for one person—I’m cooking for 8 and 2 kids on my own Christmas day—but I cook at home professionally. Sharing this menu is not to suggest that you should have a menu like this one (though you should certainly go for it, especially if you’re a seasoned cook and/or will have sous at your disposal). Rather, I’m hoping to give you a little inspiration. You can also find inspiration in my Holiday Cooking directory and at The Family Kitchen where you’ll find my recipes along side those of my fellow Babble food bloggers.

Here we go. My menu…

I usually make cinnamon rolls, but don’t think I’ll have time to make them this year. So bummed, but I’ve got a substitute that makes me—and all the boys!—happy.
* Gingerbread waffles

* Cheese plate with marcona almonds, (my favorite) fig spread & grapes
* Hearts of palm dip and pita chips
* “Bruleed” persimmon slices and prosciutto (idea via Martha Stewart Living; slice persimmon very thin, sprinkle with sugar, torch as you would creme brulee; serve with slices of prosciutto, similar to how you would melon)

* My deeeeee-licious mulled wine for the grown ups (recipe TBP this week)
* Mulled punch for the kiddos

* Simple roasted prime rib with red wine reduction (if you plan on serving a big hunk o’ meat, try to find a butcher who can ensure that your meat is sustainable; NYers, I ordered my meat from The Meat Hook)
* Risotto with white truffles
* Orange and fennel salad with olives
* Brown butter cauliflower puree topped with toasted hazelnuts
* Asparagus with “sweet and spicy” shallots agrodolce (okay, my mom will steam the asparagus)

This is still a little up in the air. I have a pie crust from a trusted local bakery and lots of homemade pate brise (I always use this recipe) in my freezer, but I’m thinking no pie. Is that a horrible idea? Feel free to chime in!
* Sticky toffee pudding
* Honey ricotta cheesecake (this was too good last year—must make again)

As for my cooking schedule, I’m hoping it goes a little something like this…

1. cheese cake, store in fridge

1. cauliflower puree, store in fridge
2. cipollini, store in fridge
3. sticky toffee cake, sans toffee sauce, store in fridge

1. hearts of palm dip, store in fridge
2. prep oranges: peel, cut supremes, store in fridge in a glass container covered in freshly squeezed orange juice
3. toffee sauce, store in fridge
4. put mulled wine ingredients in a pot, heat through (take a sip or two or three), cover, store in fridge overnight
5. put mulled punch ingredients in a jar, store in fridge
6. make waffle batter, store in fridge

1. put wine and punch on heat
2. make cheese plate, put out dip and pita chips
3. brulee persimmons 10 min before guest arrive, plate with prosciutto
4. roast meat, allow meat to sit out for at least 1 hr before cooking and leave plenty of rest time for after cooking
5. toast hazelnuts
6. warm cauliflower puree
7. plate asparagus and shallots
8. risotto, begin cooking 30 min before dinner
9. thinly slice fennel & make vinaigrette; put salad together 5 min before dinner
10. warm cake and toffee sauce, soak warm cake for 10 min before serving

Phew. Did I forget anything?!

So, what about you? Are you cooking for Christmas? A full meal or a dish? What do you have planned?

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  1. Sierra says:

    I am so excited about our dinner! Phew – after the insanity of Thankgiving, we are keeping it simple (but delicious) with:
    Prime rib with sage jus,
    oven roasted potatoes,
    grilled aspargus with a balsamic reduction,
    apple & feta tossed salad with pomegranet vinagrette
    Crusty loaf of bread with herbed butter
    and, for dessert:
    rum cake
    and your sticky toffee pudding (thanks!!!).

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