{recipe} Homemade, All Natural Peppermint Magic Shell in 5 Minutes

December 24, 2010

peppermint magic shell recipe

Homemade Magic Shell (can be shared with kids 24+ mos*).
All Natural.
Flavored with peppermint, if you’re feeling festive.
As in Candy Cane Sundae.

This stuff writes itself. There’s no more to say.

Get the recipe for my Peppermint Magic Shell and ideas for how to turn this treat into the easiest, most exciting holiday dessert any kiddo can dream of. When it takes 5 minutes to make, how can you refuse?

Peppermint Magic Shell

If peppermint isn’t your thing, you can also check out my recipe for good, old-fashioned, plain magic shell.

Oh and both magic shells, plain and peppermint, can be made gluten free so long as you’re using a GF chocolate.

*Note: While there’s nothing in this recipe that can’t technically be shared with kids under 24 months, this is my recommendation due to the high sugar and oil content. If you choose to share this treat with any young eater, please be sure to give an age appropriate portion.

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