2010 One Hungry Mama Gift Guide!

December 6, 2010

One Hungry Mama Gift Guide
Yup. We’re half way through Hanukkah and I’m just getting my gift guide up. (I know! But who made Hanukkah so early this year anyway?!)

It may be late, but I have a feeling that some of you might be, like me, last minute shoppers. My hope is that these late selections will invigorate your holiday shopping with some new fun and inspiration.

If you’re celebrating Hanukkah, well, there’s always Amazon Prime (I still have to get the kiddos something for nights 7 and 8!). Otherwise, there’s still time to order one or more of these fun COOKIN, EATIN’, LOOKIN, PLAYIN’ or READIN’ gifts for the foodies in your life, big or small.

oven mitt habitat

These pretty oven mitts (which also come with matching tea towels and hostess aprons) are a sure way to chic up any kitchen!
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Perhaps this Emile Henry tagine will never qualify as a must-have, but sometimes you need to treat yourself to a piece of kitchenware just because. This tagine is irresistibly pretty, but also super functional. Not just for Moroccan food, it’s the perfect vessel for cooking any slow cooked stew.
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Breville Pie Maker

Brilliant! You can make up to four individual-sized pies with crimped edges with this simple-to-operate, non-stick pie maker. Most pies–whether savory meat pies, vegetable pies, quiches or sweet fruit pies–take just 8 minutes to cook. Uh oh, I smell trouble!!!!
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Paula Deen Kids Baking Set

Thank you, Paula Deen, for a super cute set of real baking tools made small for kiddo’s hands! This set includes measuring cups and spoons, a silicone spoon, stainless steel turner, mixing spoon, whisk, silicone spatula and plastic box with lid for storage.
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Curious Chef Knife Set

Begin teaching older children safe kitchen skills with these Curious Chef starter knives. Each one has a blunt tip with ergonomic handles for small hands. This 3-knife set is appropriate for ages 5+ and are dishwasher safe.
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Kuhn Rikon Cake Cookie Decorating Set

This handy dandy cake and cookie decorating set by Kuhn Rikon comes with 4 decorating bottles, 5 interchangeable decorating tips and a frosting spatula, makes cookie and cupcake decorating easy, even for little ones!
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Chop Chop Magazine

ChopChop is a super smart quarterly cooking magazine for kids aged 5-12 and their families. Full of easy to execute, kid-friendly recipes and fun food facts, ChopChop educates kids to cook and be nutritionally literate. It’s an awesome gift for any kid into food. And even more awesome gift for the picky eaters in your life.
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Chocri Chocolate

Spread holiday cheer Willy Wonka style! Chocri chocolates allows you to select an organic Belgian chocolate base and customize it with 5 mix ins. Your choice of mix in’s is staggering, with tons of options across seven categories: fruit, nuts, spices, confections, decor, grains and holiday.
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Frozen Hot Chocolate

That’s right, Frozen Hot Chocolate, the signature treat from world famous Serendipity 3 in NYC. Available to make at home. A must for any chocolate lovers on your gift list.
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Compartes African Truffles

These Compartes Chocolates for a Cause benefit Relief International in Darfur. With flavors like cardamom coconut, african coffee and caramelized plantain (!!), this holiday gift does good for the world and for the chocolate lovers in your life. Win-win, people, win-win.
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Early Bird Granola

I’m not sure how to convince you of what I know so well—that Early Bird Granola is the best granola on earth. The ingredients list is simple. Basic even. But the taste is out of this world. Seriously gift worthy.
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Whimsy and Spice

I love the way Whimsy and Spice play with herbs and spices. Their Herbs and Spices Gift Box includes Honey Lavender and Chocolate Orange Cardamom shortbread cookies, Rose & Black Pepper Thumbprints, Coconut White Chocolate Five Spice cookies and Cardamom marshmallows. Can you resist?
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Migliori Spices

This 6 blend spice collection by Migliori Spices, which includes flavors like Sicilian Fennel and Mexican Chorizo, was created to accompany traditional sausages, but also make for an excellent additions to soups, scrambled eggs, pastas or grilled meats and veggies.
Buy it here (Photo: CoolHunting)

Falk Salt

Hand harvested off the shores of the Mediterranean, Falksalt Sea Salt Crystal Flakes are produced in an all natural, time honored way. But, when it comes to flavor, these salts are anything but traditional. With flavors like red chili, wild garlic and wild mushroom, to name a few, there’s something for everyone.
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smoked black pepper

I’m obsessed with smoked black pepper. It’s deep, smoky, complex flavor makes everything taste better. My favorite way to enjoy this pepper is by sprinkling it with salt on a hard boiled or scrambled eggs. Out of this world!
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molecule dish

This beautiful “Molecule Dish,”made of homemade bone china, makes an elegant condiment display or storage dish. It comes in three sizes.
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Float Glassware

Float Glassware is a gorgeous example of design plus functionality. The unique suspended bowl shape of each glass insulates the hand from the liquid inside and elevates condensation from surfaces, making a coaster unnecessary. I especially love the champagne flutes!
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Tie Tea Cup

I do it, every time, even knowing that it won’t work: I tie the string of my tea bag around the handle of my mug. No more. Not with this Tie Tea Cup, a must-have for any tea drinking person on your gift list.
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Black Lace Coasters

Let’s face it: most coasters are lame. Not these sassy “Lace” Coasters. things. Dark and playful, these protectors will spice up any tabletop.
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food face plate

Let kiddo play with her food on this super cute Fred & Friends Face Plate. Noodles become hair, carrots a mustache… the possibilities are endless! (Also comes in a girl version.)
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Zoo Pops

These Zoo Pops are crazzzy cool! And not just because they are frozen. These 3D animal molds take pops to a whole new level. Your kiddos—especially those super into animals—are going to flip for these pops!
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Melissa and Doug grocery cart

This grocery cart by Melissa & Doug is one of the most often used toys in my house. There’s something about the grown-up feel that makes this just-their-size cart exciting. It encourages kitchen play and even helped my 1-year-old learn to walk! A wonderful holiday gift.
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Pretend Soup cookbook

The classic children’s cookbook, Pretend Soup and Other Recipes is organized to make it as easy as possible for young cooks to be independent in the kitchen, with just some gentle guidance from a grown up. Each recipe appears twice, once in words and once in full-color pictures. Just lovely.
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Mad Hungry cookbook

Mad Hungry is close to my heart. I cannot wait to have a house full of hungry, growing boys and one very hungry man. And if only I’ll handle it as gracefully as Martha’s Executive Food Director (and my hero), Lucinda Scala Quinn. This family oriented cookbook is brilliant, effortless and delicious. (Even for families with hungry girls!)
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A Great American Cook cookbook

Jonathan Waxman has an efforless way of elevating homestyle cooking to an ethereal level. Roast chicken? You’ve never had one until you’ve tried his. Gnocchi. Waxman’s are stunningly perfect. The recipes in A Great American Cook are rustic, simple and have a quiet ethnic flare. One look and you’ll know why I love him so.
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What to Cook and How to Cook It cookbook

What to Cook & How to Cook It uses a combination of clear step-by step-photographs and foolproof family-freindly recipes to demonstrate easy, delicious meals for every day of the week. This is the ultimate cookbook for beginners.
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Cooking for Isaiah cookbook

Though I love cookbooks (and know how to recommend them), I rarely cook directly from them. Cooking for Isaiah is the first exception in a long time. Silvana Nardone‘s easy, clever recipes are satisfying even to gluten and dairy die hards. Believe me: this book is an awesome holiday gift for any family cook.
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Essential New York Times cookbook

Not only does The Essential New York Times Cookbook offer the best of all the recipes printed in the New York Times since it began covering food in the 1850’s, it also serves as a chronicle of American culinary history. A perfect holiday gift for the food nerd in your life.
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    love this post. must get those oven mitts and the pie maker.

  2. Rosie says:

    I second the recommendation for Mad Hungry. I bought this for my sister last year as she has a mad hungry little boy and husband at home and she loves the book. I’ve made a few recipes from it as well to rave reviews.

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