{parenting} Love Notes & Trivia for Kiddo’s Lunchbox

November 13, 2010

wee tidings

The always fabulous Cool Mom Picks just posted about Kids Wee Tidings and Say Please, two brands of mini-notes printed with affirmations and trivia perfect for kiddo’s backpack or lunchbox. In fact, Say Please has a line of specific lunchbox notes.

I must admit, just a few months ago I would have scoffed at these products. That was before I packed a school lunch everyday!

Though I dutifully enclose a note in every Hungry Boy lunch, they are pretty uninspired some days. And, really, how long before the Hungry Boy notices? These colorful, pre-printed cards offer a nice, unexpected break for parent… and child. Especially older ones who might enjoy the personalized or trivia cards.

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  1. Kristy says:

    Love it, and tweeted it. We are practicing for school lunch today with our new pirate-theme yubo lunchbox. 🙂

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