{into the mouth of babes} Apricot, Peach & Basil Puree (Perfect for July 4th Pops!)

July 1, 2010

While walking through my local farmer’s market last weekend, I was hit with the strong, gorgeous scent of basil as I walked by someone holding bunch. It was the freshest looking basil I’d ever seen. I immediately got in on the fun and bought a huge bunch for myself. Most went into a batch of pesto, but I saved some for this Apricot, Peach & Basil Puree.

The Hungry Baby lapped up some of this puree plain and some mixed with yogurt. I used the rest to make popsicles for the Hungry Boy. Spectacular!

They may not be red, white or blue, but why not whip up a batch of these popsicles for your July 4th festivities. (To be honest, coordinating food and holiday colors has never really been my thing!) You can also pour some puree over yogurt or ice cream, or use it to make a sassy drink. Oh yea. Party time!

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  1. I was actually just thinking about a peach-basil combination this morning for an upcoming sandwich post – I really think it will work. I didn’t consider that my 6 mo might like it too, but now he just might get the opporutnity!

  2. One Hungry Mama says:

    so good. seriously. go for it. i was testing a recipe this weekend for an article coming out in aug — grilled peaches and there was lots of basil and honey (i promise… will def keep you posted! :-). scrumptious.

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