{Cravings} Din Din Stainless Steel Bus Plate

April 6, 2010

Din Din Bus Plate

Have you seen this? How cute?! My transportation loving 3-year-old is going to flip for this plate!

I love that it’s eco-friendly and non-toxic stainless steel but, really, it’s all about the fun shape. It’s not the deal of the century at $17.99, but a fun splurge if your child is obsessed with cars, trucks, buses and trains. Especially if they’re also picky. Sometimes, a fun mealtime surprise like this makes a big difference.

(via Inhabitots)

3 Responses

  1. DailyChef says:

    This is so cute! It would get me eating my vegetables, that’s for sure 😛

  2. WHAT?! That is awesome. Do they make it in “train”? So much better than plastic.

  3. Danielle says:

    I LOVE these!

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