Weekly Digest (+ Non-Resolution Update #2)

January 29, 2010

Photo: Beverly Hsu, via Swissmiss

Check out this week’s Food News, Things I Crave, Green Your Eats, Tips, Tools & Techniques, and Weekly Roundtable (a roundup of the most recent ChowMama posts). Plus, for a little while, I’ll follow the Weekly Roundtable with a quick update on my non-resolutions, you know, to keep me honest.

Food News

  • Shifting school schedules to allow for recess before lunch may bring gains at school (via Well Blog-NY Times)
  • Obama nominates a new Under Secretary for Food Safety at USDA (viaObama Foodorama)
  • State of the Union on School Lunch: Nutrition as National Defense and Fiscal Health (via Civil Eats)
  • This might not be news that impacts us (we’d be lucky if it did), but I thought it was worth noting: king of molecular gastronomy, Ferran Adrià, is closing El Bulli in Spain for 2 years to tinker with new ideas (viaNY Times)

Things I Crave

  • Vinyl wall decals—usually for living rooms and bedrooms—are all the rage and uber hip Hu2 Designs makes super clever ones specifically for the kitchen. Love these!
  • Oh so pretty concept tableware pieces. Smart and gorgeous! (via Happy Lady Eats)
  • Design meet cookies. Cookies meet design. Helvetica cookie cutters. I. Must. Have. (via Swiss Miss)
  • It’s a rolling pin. It’s a calendar. Check out this ingenious World Wide Bakery Calendar (via Black*Eiffel)
  • A kitchen table that transforms into a playhouse! Need I say more?! (viaInhabitots)

Green Your Eats

  • The GoodGuide, listed in Time mag’s feature on ideas changing the world right now, rates common supermarket products on health, environment & society scales. They also have a handy iPhone app that allows you to scan a product’s barcode to pull up ratings while shopping.

Tips, Tools & Techniques

  • I LOVE this post over at Makes and Takes! They tested several EDIBLEplay dough recipes and shared the top two. I found our next rainy day activity!
  • Need help boiling your egg jusssst right? Eggwatchers to the rescue! Helpful AND hilarious. (via Swiss Miss)
  • Two great feeding hacks from the brilliant folks at Parent Hacks: let toddlers feed themselves soup using a medicine dosing cup (much easier than a spoon) AND revive peanut butter with a drop of peanut oil (of course!)
  • 7 tips for a home baker! (via Chews Wise)

Weekly Roundtable

Non-Resolutions 2010

  • This week was difficult. I’m working really hard at eating well and working out… with no results. Hard to keep your eye on the prize, but I’m trying.
  • Eating fish, CHECK. Going to gym 3xs a week, CHECK. Eating more vegetarian, not so great. We only ate one purely vegetarian meal this week. The good news is that the other meals were meat lite and seriously heavy on the veg (eg, a big greek salad with chicken on top). Still… gotta be better about this
  • I’m happy to report that I was able to treat myself 2x’s this week. I went shopping one day and got a pedicure another.
  • How are you all doing on your (non) resolutions?!

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