January 22nd, 2010

Weekly Digest (+ An Update on My Non-Resolutions)

tea towel

Photo: The Kitchn

Check out this week’s Food News, Things I Crave, Green Your Eats, Tips, Tools & Techniques, and Weekly Roundtable (a roundup of the most recent ChowMama posts). Plus, for a little while, I’ll follow the Weekly Roundtable with a quick update on my non-resolutions. Not that you should care (but maybe you do? I love me support from fellow ChowMamas and ChowPapas!), but it’s a way of keeping me honest.

Food News

  • Did you know? Cascadian Farms was purchased by General Mills who changed the Purely O’s formulation. It now contains THREE TIMES the sugar as well as a list of fillers! Learn more, with commentary from Marion Nestle (via Food Politics)
  • The first east coast affiliate of the Edible Schoolyard (a program started by restauranteur Alice Waters of Chez Panisse) is set to come to my hometown: BROOKLYN, baby!! (via: NY Times)
  • So frustrating! The FDA on BPA: Our Hands Are Tied (via Civil Eats)
  • I thought this was super interesting. What do you think? Did you search for one of these last year? The Top 10 Most Googled Recipes of 2009 (via Serious Eats)
  • Michelle Obama vows to ‘move the ball’ on kids’ diets (via Grist)
  • Has our snacking gotten out of control? When Did Grazing Take Over Our Children? (via NY Times)
  • A reporter spends a week in a DC public school and tells us what kids actually eat there. Chews Wise calls this great six part series “cheese-filled.” Read the details here.
  • A video for the Gourmet (magazine) nostalgic (via Grist)

Things I Crave

  • Pretty tea towel! It’s a replica of an original 1940′s sign (via The Kitchn)
  • Form meets function in this high style bakeware designed along side a pastry chef. Beautiful! (via The Kitchn)
  • Not sure how I feel about this spice carousel. Honestly, I find it a bit ugly. But it’s cool that it dispenses 1/4 tsp amounts with the turn of a dial. What do you think? (via Serious Eats)

Green Your Eats

  • A resource list for starting your own school garden! (via Civil Eats)
  • All about whole grains, including a primer and recipes, from NPR (via Cheap Healthy Good)

Tips, Tools & Techniques

  • Fish2Fork, a site that ‘names and shames’ restaurants—find out which restaurants are serving sustainable fish… and which aren’t (via Cooking Up a Story)
  • A great post describing how to make a basic white sauce and veloute, along with variations including mornay sauce, bechamel and caper sauce (to name just a few) (via Pink of Perfection)
  • These are a part of a larger “trim your budget” series on The Simple Dollar: trimming your food at home budget & trimming your eating out budget (via Cheap Healthy Good)
  • Snack hack! Create single servings to teach portion control and increase independence (via Parent Hacks)

Weekly Roundtable

Non-Resolutions 2010

  • I’ve gone to the gym 3 times since last week. That was my goal. I achieved it. I hope to do the same next week… even though it hurts (literally).
  • I’ve been eating lots of fish—2x’s this week—and making lots of vegetarian meals. (My latest: I’m working on a recipe for stuffed peppers for us. Check it out next week!)
  • I’m running into a challenge with my vegetarian meals. Maybe you can help?! I’m trying to cut way down on carbs to help me lose weight, but it’s cutting into my vegetarian meal repertoire. IDEAS PLEASE!!
  • I saved the worst for last. I did NOT find any time in the last TWO weeks to do anything nice for myself. No massage. No mani/pedi. A meeting for tomorrow was just cancelled. I’m going to keep the time for myself. I’ll let you know how it works out next week.

11 Responses

  1. Cindy says:

    for veg meal ideas, aren’t there a million and one bloggers out there doing Meatless Mondays? How about Tex Mex but heavier on the veggies and tomato sauce than the cheese. And how about big salads? Also, check out this post from Lettuce Eat Kale: http://lettuceeatkale.wordpress.com/2009/11/17/stuck-in-a-dinner-rut-youve-got-lots-of-company/. Good list of veg dinners.

  2. Rosie says:

    It IS hard to make non-carb heavy vegetarian meals but instead of vowing to cut down on the carbs, make the carbs you DO eat, count: switching to whole grains (quinoa, whole wheat couscous, whole wheat pasta, brown rice, etc.). I find that I can’t go carb-free as it just feels too much like deprivation not to mention making meal planning problematic. So what I do instead is substitute the white flour/white rice/white bread choices with whole grain substitutes. Good luck and good job on making good on your other non-resolutions!

  3. stacie says:

    this is GREAT advice. i think that i do this naturally, but i think it’ll help to be more deliberate as i try and (wah wah wah) lose some of this baby weight.

  4. stacie says:

    there are. you’re right. why does it seem like even they post mostly pasta, rice and other carb heavy dishes? i’m probably not looking closely enough. or i’m just seeing carbs everywhere b/c i miss them so. lol.

    thanks for the advice and link. (i love Lettuce Eat Kale–just recently discovered it.)

  5. Susan says:

    I’m a vegetarian and I don’t think my family eats a particularly carb-heavy diet, but I’m also not trying to cut down on carbs. We choose a lot of high-protein carbs like millet and quinoa. Check out Mark Bittman’s How to Make Everything Vegetarian. He has recipes for great veggie burgers (I use the fast nut burger recipe) that take very little time to grind up in the food processor and are a go-to weeknight meal for my family. Fritattas, bean soups, veggie burritos, homemade pizza, fried tofu and tempeh with veggie sides (often roasted veggies so I can concentrate on the stove while the veggies cook themselves in the oven), pasta no more than 1X week — but we’ll do a pesto, mixed up with pasta, white beans and kale that’s thrown into the pasta cooking water at the last minute. One pot meal.

  6. most of my veggie meals do have a grain component. except when it’s eggs for dinner. fritatta, poached eggs over greens, hardboiled over salads. you could serve a grain/veggie salad like slaw mixed with quinoa on the side so the kiddos and hubs are satiated while you fill up on eggs and greens.
    i had not heard that about cascadia farms, thanks for sharing. boo.
    i’m starting a new “what kids say about dinner” recipe swap on tuesdays, hope to see you there one day!

  7. stacie says:

    I love making salads and soups more hearty by adding eggs! in fact, i’ve got an upcoming recipe for red lentil soup with sausage and a poached egg. YUM!

  8. Kelsey says:

    Hi! What about Tomato Soup Florentine or veggie panini’s. Keep the bread low-carb, maybe even toast a whole wheat wrap and stuff it full of veggies. Great round-up!

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