Cauliflower Puree: The New Mashed Potatoes

December 7, 2009

mashed cauliflower


I love cauliflower puree. I’ve had it in several restaurants and, while I’m normally the first one to try to recreate (an easier and healthier version of) something I’ve enjoyed at a restaurant, I never bothered with cauliflower puree. I thought that there must be some special restaurant trick (other than the usual one of using tons of butter) to making a veg puree so thick, creamy and delicious. One that I wouldn’t know how to recreate.

Then I read about a great idea on one of my favorite family food blogs, Under the Highchair: Shepherd’s Pie topped with Cauliflower Puree instead of mashed potatoes. She described the puree as fluffy and said that no one suspected the switch (not that she was trying to hide it). I was inspired.

This recipe is so simple and delicious. It’s easily adapted for first time eaters. I mean, really first time eaters—6 month olds and up. Serve this puree as you would mashed potatoes—delicious plated under my 10 Minute Lemon Thyme Scallops, which can be served to kids 10+ mos—or use them the way Aimee did (ingenious). Have other ideas (maybe croquettes?).

Mashed Cauliflower
(can be adapted for kids 6+ mos)

1 head organic cauliflower, cleaned and cut into florets
juice of 1/2 an organic lemon (skip if feeding to children under 12 mos)
1 tsp organic cream
3 tbsp organic butter
dash organic nutmeg
salt and pepper

1. Steam cauliflower until tender all the way through.
2. Strain cauliflower and put in a food processor with all other ingredients. Save some of the cooking liquid. Puree until smooth. If the puree is too thick (unlikely) use some of the cooking liquid to achieve desired consistency. Serve!

6 Responses

  1. This sounds delicious! I love your blog. My favorite recipe so far was the mushroom & leek kugel.

    Another amazing recipe for Cauliflower puree is from Viviane at Food and Style:

  2. Aimee says:

    Happy to inspire!!
    Cauli puree is the bomb.

  3. Erida says:

    Absolutely delicious and ready in a snap. I loved it

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