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November 6, 2009

Grow Your Greens by Stay Calm Gallery

Food News, Things I Crave, Green Your Eats, Tips, Tools & Techniques, and the Weekly Roundtable (a roundup of the most recent ChowMama posts).

Food News

  • A recent study suggests that eating a diet high in processed foods increases the risk of depression (via BBC)
  • A thoughtful op ed by Nicolette Hahn Niman, lawyer and livestock rancher, on the trouble with linking meat production, consumption and global warming (via NY Times)
  • Tests find a wide range of Bisphenol-A in canned soups, juices, and more (via Civil Eats)
  • Sad: Gourmet closure, in photos (via Eat Me Daily)
  • The White House garden on Iron Chef! (via NY Times)
  • Meet Sam Kass, a new breed of White House chef and activist (via NY Times)

Things I Crave

  • Adorable foodie themed onesies! Go get ’em! (via Cool Mom Picks)
  • Food-themed limited edition prints by London’s Keep Calm Gallery to benefit Garden Organic (via Eat Me Daily)

Green Your Eats

  • …by quitting industrialized red meat. In addition to E. Coli, it turns out we should be concerned about cattle being fed (possibly arsenic laced!) chicken poop. EWWW! (via LA Times)
  • 8 sustainable sources of farmed fish and seafood (via Tree Hugger)

Tips, Tools & Techniques

  • A clever hack for storing bibs right on the highchair so that they are always close at hand (via Parent Hacks)
  • Easy homemade microwave popcorn! (via Makes and Takes)
  • Gussy up your rice with this simple tip for quick added flavor (via The Kitchn)

Weekly Roundtable

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