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August 28, 2009

kinderville containers

Kinderville containers: BPA & lead free, bacteria resistant, AND dishwasher, freezer, and microwave safe! (via Oh Dee Doh)

Food news, things we crave, green your eats, and tips, tools & techniques. Check out this week’s picks. And, don’t forget to tell the USDA to add urban farming to the Ag Census—the deadline is TODAY! (Go here to learn more about why this is important.)

Food News

  • Thanks to Blogs (and Twiiter!), a Bigger Menu for Food Criticism (Business Week via @TheDelicious)
  • President Obama proposes $1-billion increase for the Child Nutrition Act (via LA Times)
  • Obama talks up local food, school lunches, and setting up a farmers market outside the White House (via Huffington Post)
  • Frank Bruni’s final column—he reveals his favorites! (NY Times)
  • A fun read: Eater‘s exit interview with Frank Bruni
  • A mobile slaughter house (yes, you read correctly) brings new meaning to local meat… and the food cart craze (Consumerist via Cheap Healthy Good)
  • This year’s Saveur 100 is going to be totally reader generated! Food lovers: submit your favorites today!
  • The controversy continues: Whole Foods quietly gutting employee free choice (via Civil Eats)

Things We Crave

  • Colorful storage jars that are BPA and lead free, bacteria resistant, and made of dishwasher, refrigerator, freezer, and microwave safe silicon! (via Oh Dee Doh)
  • Another list of cool lunch boxes! Check it out on Momversation.
  • A great idea! Before buying something brand spanking new, consider looking for the things you crave on SwapMamas! Using this great online swap community saves money, reduces packaging, clutter, and waste. Check it out—among many others, there are Feedin’ Time and Breastfeeding Mom swaps (via Cool Mom Picks)

Green Your Eats

  • Tips on how to shop at your local farmers market from Makes and Takes, a great crafty family blog
  • Michelle and I once asked the nutritionist who worked with us on ChowBaby foods to tell us why palm oil was so bad. We expected an answer about health and nutrition, but got a rundown of environmental issues. Here’s some sad evidence with more links on palm oil (via Tree Hugger)

Tips, Tools, and Techniques

  • A tip for all you serious bakers: submit a photo to the One Little Bite creative cake contest to win prizes from Amazon.com and Wilton!
  • One Sunday night meal with leftovers that will carry you until Wednesday. Who can ask for more! (via Cookie Magazine)
  • Make your own pre-measured baking kits. This is brilliant! (via Oh Dee Doh)
  • Ten great ideas for feeding a group (of 10) for less than $20 (via The Kitchn)
  • Here’s a tip: avoid Slim Jim’s! Don’t believe me? Then read what’s inside each smokey stick. Maybe then you’ll be convinced (Wired via Eat Me Daily)

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