Egg Salad with Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs: A Quick, Nutritious Lunch or Dinner

June 30, 2009


I’m back from my week-long vacation in the Caribbean. (FYI: Anguilla is GORGEOUS!) I spent all day Sunday playing with Isaac. I can’t describe how lovely it was to see his face and squeeze him. Over and over and over! While all turned out fine—he and I both survived our 7-day separation—we truly, deeply missed each other. And I was too busy soaking up his company to even think about re-stocking the empty fridge to which I returned.

So, here I am. Monday, busy catching up with work, and having to figure out dinner. We’ve managed to make the last few meals work with help from a rare delivery of Zaytoons (Brooklynites: the Spinach Pie with Feta is a great option for kids) and a delicious dinner at Franny’s. But it’s time to face the music. And what better way than with easy, breezy, reliable eggs.

I’ve already written all about the wonder of eggs. And Michelle and I offer no shortage of egg recipes, from Quickest Curried Eggs to Spanish Tortilla to Pickled Red Beet Eggs. The amazing thing is that our egg recipes get easier and easier without getting any more boring or any less delicious. So, for the easiest egg recipe of all, here is the Egg Salad that saved dinner.

This can be served on it’s own, with any bread from gourmet ciabatta to simple whole wheat slices, over a bed of spinach or roasted asparagus with a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette, or with smoked salmon. It’s quick and easy and, while not the most well rounded meal (unless, of course, you opt to serve it with some veggies), it’s a nutritional powerhouse compared to many other desperation meals (like the occasional organic turkey hot dogs that I whip out of the freezer!).

Perfectly Hard Boiled Eggs
adapted from Martha Stewart

(egg yolks can be served to kids 8+ mos, egg whites to kids 12+ mos)

12 organic eggs, preferably room temp (I’ve used eggs straight from the fridge and it works fine)

1. Place eggs in a saucepan and cover with cool water by 1 inch. Place over medium heat and slowly bring to a boil. Let boil for about 30 seconds, then cover and remove from heat. Let sit 12 minutes.

2. Rinse eggs under cool running water to stop cooking. Eggs can be peeled and served immediately. Remaining eggs can be refrigerated, with shells on, in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Egg Salad
(can be served to kids 12+ mos)

4 organic, perfectly hard boiled eggs
1/4 c organic mayonnaise (use exact amount for creamy salad, a little less for a drier version)
1 tbsp organic dijon mustard
2 tbsp organic cornichon, finely chopped (or your favorite pickle relish)
organic tarragon or dill (your preference), minced, to taste
salt and pepper, to taste

Note: This makes enough for 2 (modest) adult sammies and 1 (small) toddler sammy. Increase for more folks or overstuffed sandwiches.

Mash eggs, one at a time, with a fork in a medium mixing bowl.

2. Add mayo, mustard, cornichon or relish, and tarragon or dill. Mix. Set young eaters’ portions aside, then add salt and pepper to older kid and adult portions. Serve as desired or store in fridge in an airtight container for up to three days.

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  1. Susan says:

    Can you use yogurt instead of mayo, or will it taste too weird? I just don’t stock mayo in the house because I never use it up fast enough. But plain yogurt we always, always have.

  2. stacie says:

    hm. not sure. try it! many things i end up posting begin as experiments. and many things that i experiment with don’t end up making it as post! it might be a little overly tangy. but, it’s definitely not out of the realm. my gut would be to start with the greek kind, which is nice and creamy even at 0% fat. let us know how it goes!!

  3. Jennifer says:

    Ah, Zaytoons! Oh, how I miss my old neighborhood.

    Fage is probably a nice alternative to mayo. But, not to be gross, but would vanilla yogurt be just awful? I’m anti-mayo myself and avoid it as much as possible but have a hard time finding options.

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  5. lovechickens says:

    Awesome ideas here, thanks. I honestly took the plunge and got me some chickens last week! Now I have more eggs than I know what to do with!. You might like these egg recipes.

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