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May 8, 2009

Photo: James Wojcik

Food News, Things We Crave, Resources, Green Your Eats, and Tips, Tools & Techniques. Check out this week’s picks.

Then, all you ChowMamas, kick back, relax, and start enjoying Mother’s Day weekend. We love you all—you make us proud to be ChowMamas right alongside you. Happy Mothers Day! Xox

Food News

  • GREAT article on the complicated added-sweetener issue, with an astute look at marketing vs research and a compelling argument that high fructose corn syrup may not be any worse than cane sugar or agave syrup (via The Ethicurean)
  • Move over grilled cheese, May is National Burger Month! (via Serious Eats)
  • We’ve shared our reasons, now read 10 others for why you should eat as a family (via Lil Sugar)
  • Oh scary times. Disney branded eggs and produce to align the brand with “healthy” (via Washington Post)
  • James Beard Foundation 2009 winners
  • The fast food value war-practically giving away food to get customers in during a recession (via LA Times)
  • The global political and environmental impact of the rise of hog giant Smithfield Foods (via NY Times)
  • A behind-the-scenes look at the sustainable farm featured in “The Ominvore’s Dilemma” (via Yum Sugar)
  • A HERO! Baltimore’s schools’ food service director wants to start garden-to-table restaurants staffed by students (via Serious Eats)
  • Everyone‘s talking ’bout it: Oprah’s KFC promotion. Hypocritical from the 2008 PETA Person of the Year? See what Tree Hugger and Civil Eats have to say. Or tell @Oprah what you think and tag your comment with #oprahkfc (a Twitter search for #oprahkfc also leads to good reading)

Things We Crave


  • A great map by the NY Times: hot spots for organic food (via The Ethicurean)
  • The Global Grocer lets visitors click on a food item and tells you the odds it was imported, how much imports have gone up in the last 10 years, and which countries produce the most of it… and more! (via The Ethicurean)
  • 4 Natural Food Coloring Ingredients (via Re-Nest)
  • Wrap up of the great Brooklyn Food Conference (which we ChowMamas attended), including speech text from Dan Barber and others (via Civil Eats)
  • Gorgeous!!! All about black garlic (via CoolHunting)

Green Your Eats

  • Skip the tray—you’ll eat less and create less food waste (via Tree Hugger)
  • 18 Beautiful Edible Landscaping Plants (via Tree Hugger)
  • More tips on using the microwave to green your cooking (via Serious Eats) (Check out our tips here)

Tips, Tools, and Techniques

  • A tip for all you Tweeters: farmers markets and local food resources on Twitter (via Foodie Tots) And, while you’re at it, follow us, too! @ChowMamaStacie and @ChowMamaMichell
  • Thoughtful tips on how to help prepare your ChowBaby for hectic school cafeterias (via The K5)
  • The Minimalist agrees! Use your freezer, especially to help reduce food waste. Here are his tips for using your freezer wisely (via NY Times)
  • How to carve a chicken, turkey, or duck (via The Kitchn)

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