March 13th, 2009

Weekly Digest + Feeding Hack (French Toast or Pancakes in a Hot Second)

Photo: Scanwich

Food News, Things We Crave, Resources, Green Your Eats, and Tips, Tools & Techniques. Check out this week’s picks.

Food News

  • “Going meat- and dairy-less one day a week is more environmentally beneficial than eating locally every single day.” Read more: Organic vs Local? Neither is Sustainable! (via Tree Hugger)
  • Factory farms must report emissions under new EPA rule (The Food Times via Bittman on Twitter)
  • Michelle Obama’s Agenda Includes Healthful Eating (via NY Times)
  • Suffolk County, NY to ban BPA! (via
  • The dairy crisis intensifies. Some believe Milk Protein Concentrates–an ingredient NOT approved by the FDA, but increasingly used in processed foods sold here–are the problem (via The Ethicurean)
  • Oooh… gotta say, I’ve been waiting for this: Skeptics Press Marketers for Proof of Acai Berry’s Benefits (via NY Times)

Things We Crave

  • Naturally Nora all natural cake mixes (via Slashfood)
  • Food-Inspired Fashion by Agatha Ruiz de la Prada (via Eat Me Daily)
  • The dino-themed BamDino collection by Bambu–adorable!! (at GreenFeet)
  • Scanwiches makes me crave sandwiches every day. Today? A big ass Jersey-style Italian hero, like the ones I grew up eating
  • Who doesn’t need a measuring gaggle? (from Anthropologie)


  • Get crafty and edumacate the kids: How to make rainbow pasta to use in fun, educational games (via Eensies)
  • No Crumb Left Behind: 33 ways to use leftover bread (via San Francisco Chronicle)
  • (Inspiration more than a resource) I HEART David Chang. And if you ever eat his food, you will too. He’s the 2009 USA Network Character Approved winner in the food category. Watch and read here.
  • Turning to food more under the stress of a crap economy? Then this guide to new food sites is for you. (via Wall St Journal)

Green Your Eats

  • Practical tips for farming in a city (via Tree Hugger)
  • 10 Food Visionaries Delivering Local, Organic & Healthy Foods to the American Mainstream (via The Daily Green)

Tips, Tools & Techniques

Bonus! Feeding Hack: French Toast or Pancakes in a Hot Second

This post on Lil Sugar reminded me of a hack that I must take for granted. It never occurred to me to share here, until now!

Next time you make french toast or pancakes, make a big batch. Let leftovers cool, then freeze. I’ve never done this with french toast, but it seems you can just toss them in a zip lock. I put little pieces of parchment paper between pancakes to keep them from sticking to each other. To thaw, just pop as many pieces as you want into the toaster, toaster oven, or (in the case of pancakes) the microwave. Ready in just minutes! Try Christina’s Oatmeal Chocolate Chip pancakes for a real treat.

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  1. christina says:

    Soo funny to see you post about Naturally NOra. A friend of mine is her PR rep and is sending me some pkgs to try out. told her id review it on the blog. was gonna pass the info on to you, after i deemed it worthy LOL but looks like you already do! yay! Small world!

  2. christina says:

    Oh and Big Ups Rachael Ray mag! THX!

  3. stacie says:

    That’s funny! Definitely try it and report back… or on Take Back the Table. I’m curious. But I posted it under things we crave this week b/c I love the idea of having an all-natural mix stashed in the pantry for back-up or a last minute treat. Can’t wait to hear more about this product.

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